About Us

GMAG Area MapThe Georgia Mutual Aid Group provides for the systematic organization, mobilization, and operation of Fire-Rescue and Public Safety resources from throughout the State of Georgia. Organized in 1994 in the Metro Atlanta area, the main purpose is to assist local agencies in mitigating the effects of natural and man made disasters. One GMAG example of organization has broken the Metro Area into 3 geographic areas covering 10 counties and 65 cities. Departments are grouped together in "branches" by their location on the major Interstate highways that crisscross the Atlanta area. These Branches make up 3 zones (North, Central, and South). The Branches are comprised of the North 75th (Marietta, Smyrna, Dobbins ARB, North Fulton Co.), South 75th Riverdale, Morrow, Clayton Co., Spaulding Co.), South 85th (East Point, Hapeville, Union City, South Fulton Co.), East 20th (DeKalb Co., Rockdale Co., Covington) and the Central (Atlanta). Atlanta Fire also has battalions in each of the other 6 branches.

Gmag Area MapPlanning committees made up of the member organizations have developed procedures that can be used in day to day operations, or for unusual events. Other efforts of the organization allow for reporting the status of all units, allowing for rapid notification, and providing staging areas for forward deployment of resources. When an area appears to be over extending it's resources, GMAG can mobilize "Strike Teams" and "Task Forces" directly into the scene or to a staging area for future deployment. By deploying resources from different geographic locations, neighboring jurisdictions are not "stripped" trying to provide support under local mutual aid agreements. Member and Non-Member departments in the state receive the full support of GMAG when requested.

GMAG, with the help of GEMA, has currently constructed an Operations Center on the site of the GEMA complex located on E.Confederate Ave. in Atlanta. This center allows GMAG to maintain a 24 hr notification and coordination point for any emergency requests as well as providing communications and logistical support to deployed forces.