Flash-over Simulator Being Used By Atlanta Fire Rescue Department

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The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Begins Fire Ground Training with

State-of-the-Art Simulator

(ATLANTA) February 17, 2011- One of the most challenging and dangerous aspects of fighting fires is the possibility of being caught in a flashover.  A flashover is what happens during a developing fire when every combustible surface in a room ignites, burning everything in its path. To help decrease the life safety hazard of flashovers, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) acquired a  flashover simulator as a training tool for its firefighters.  

The department recently began fire ground training with the Dräger Swede Survival flashover simulator. The flashover simulator was purchased as a result of Firefighter Stephen Solomon being caught in a flashover on Thanksgiving Day  in 2006, and dying as a result of that fire.

Since that time, AFRD has made a concerted effort to educate every member of the department on the recognition, prevention, and survival of a flashover to prevent this tragic incident from happening again. The Solomon Report, an investigative study of the incident, made recommendations for fire ground operations such as the use  of  personnel accountability systems, the use of thermal imaging cameras (TIC) at a working incident, as well as other training recommendations. Fire ground operations have been further enhanced by a TIC being assigned to every apparatus within the City, which will decrease search time for victims of fires as well as firefighters.

Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran says, “ Firefighter Stephen Solomon made the ultimate sacrifice serving the citizens of Atlanta. As a department it is incumbent upon us to learn from the contributing factors leading up to this tragic incident, ensuring that it doesn’t happen again by providing the necessary equipment and training for all of our members.”

The simulator is designed to provide a realistic environment for firefighters to learn the skills and knowledge required to recognize and understand the life threatening flashover stage of an interior compartment fire. The primary focus of the training is to give firefighters a thorough knowledge of flashover and pre-flashover conditions, equipping them with the skills to avoid becoming victims of this violent phenomenon.The Dräger Swede Survival flashover simulator, the only one of its kind within the state of Georgia, is located at the Atlanta Fire Rescue training facility. Future use includes extending the flashover training opportunity to other fire department jurisdictions. http://www.draeger.com/US/en_US/products/training_workshop/fire/dss_swede_survival.jsp

WSB TV 2 VIDEO:Firefighters Train With Fire Simulator  http://www.wsbtv.com/video/26892372/index.html

CONTACT:  For additional information please contact Section Chief Gregory Shinkle, Chief of Training, at 404-624-0704  or   gshinkle@atlantaga.gov.  The AFRD training tower is located at 23 Claire Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Lieutenant Carlos Barham training in the flashover simulator at the Claire Drive Training Tower

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